High sun protection Curtain-film

The indoor curtain-film combines the shadow effect of traditional curtain with a very high reflection of solar radiation, obtaining protection from heat, glare, discoloration while allowing excellent external visibility.




The curtain-film is the ideal alternative to adhesive films, adding aesthetics to effectiveness.

The interior curtain with high solar and thermal protection is made of transparent metallized polyester, which combines the shadow effect of traditional curtains with a very high reflection of solar radiation (up to 90%), obtaining protection from heat, glare and fading, while allowing excellent external visibility. This eliminates overheating due to the greenhouse effect, making the environment comfortable and reducing air conditioning costs.

This material is also very effective during the winter, keeping the room temperature constant and avoiding the heat dispersion through the glass, even during the night.
Versatile and functional, the curtain-film can be supplied in vertical, roller, smooth, embossed, pleated bands of any size and color, even completely blackout.

The wide range of materials and fabrics makes it the ideal solution for offices, workplaces, and for home. The curtain-film is particularly suitable for the naval sector (control panels).

The curtain-film complies with all Community standards on heat and glare protection in the workplace.


Available mechanisms

  • chain with side pull.
  • automatic with pre-stretched spring and induced locking; it raises and lowers with a simple action on the lower bar.
  • motorized with stop programming, usable with switch or remote control.


All the elements of the curtain-film (film, aluminum or PVC profiles) are made of high quality materials, resistant to aging and UV rays.

The advanced technology, the choice of materials, the wide range of colors, and the excellent price-quality ratio make it an exclusive product.