High Sun Protection Curtain-Films

Indoor curtain films combine the shadow effect of the traditional curtain with a very high reflection of solar radiation, obtaining protection from heat, glare, and discoloration while allowing excellent external visibility. This solution is ideal for the maritime sector (control panels), offices, and workplaces as it complies with all community standards on heat and glare protection in the workplace, and it is useful for private places too.

All the elements of the curtain film (film, aluminum, or PVC profiles) are made of high-quality materials, resistant to aging and UV rays.

Curtain films are the ideal alternative to adhesive films, combining great aesthetic with effectiveness. The curtain film guarantees high solar and thermal protection, as well as reduction of glare and fading.

The advantages of curtain-films are reduced costs for air conditioning thanks to the elimination of overheating caused by the greenhouse effect. These curtains are useful also in colder months, as the material allows to maintain room temperature.

The available mechanisms for curtain films are:

  • Automatic with pre-stretched spring and induced locking; it raises and lowers with a simple action on the lower bar.
  • Motorized with stop programming, usable with a switch or remote control.
  • Chain with side pull.

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