Sun Protection Adhesive Films

Sun protection films are made of an adhesive polyester multilayer and can be applied to any glass surface. Those thin films can filter and reflect solar energy, obtaining protection from heat, glare, and discoloration.

Applying a sunscreen film transforms your window into a reflective surface that does not allow viewing inwards while maintaining unaltered visibility. This type of film is in line with the Consolidated Safety Act 81 for protection in the workplace and complies with class M1 for fire protection.

Not only privacy and heating reduction are achieved with the application of those films, but also aesthetic goals as there is the possibility to choose between a wide range of metallization and colors available.

Solar protection films are widely used to solve the issues worsened by the sun and the sea glare on cruise ships. Even in the most extreme situations,  comfort inside rooms is guaranteed. Custom-made film curtains can be installed as an alternative to films for control panels.
The film application is simple and quickly performed without interrupting regular activity.

Why Installing Sunscreen Films?

Sunscreen Films can help reject radiated solar energy up to 80% during summer. It can result in:

  • Protection from discoloration and aging of surfaces exposed to sunlight. It is to consider that discoloration is caused by 70% of ultraviolet rays present in the solar spectrum: our films manage to reject up to 99.5% of them.
  • Elimination of glare reflections, external visibility unchanged, and proportional reduction of the excess brightness of the environment.
  • Air conditioning system’s electricity-saving, with consequent reduction of maintenance costs due to less usage.
  • Uselessness of the external curtains and longer duration of the internal ones.
  • Saving fuel for heating, thanks to heat loss reduction from 14% to 33%.
  • Greater wellbeing due to the elimination of the greenhouse effect.
  • Temperature uniformity throughout the environment.

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